Liver Cleanse Recipes – Are you struggling with liver problems?


The liver is one of the most vital organs in our bodies.  It is extremely important to always be eating healthy, natural foods to keep our liver in good health. For healthy liver function, many specialists recommend cutting out processed foods, reducing intake of simple sugars, and ridding your body of toxins that may be […]

Healthy Cream Options For Homemade Blender Ice Cream

Healthy Non-Dairy Cream Options For Ice Cream

We all know there are quite a few ways to make yummy non-dairy ice cream. Oftentimes, dairy-free blender ice cream recipes feature frozen bananas as their main ingredient due to how well they blend. Otherwise, traditional ice cream recipes call for whole milk, evaporated milk, Greek yogurt, half and half, or most commonly, heavy cream. […]

How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs and Why They Are Healthy to Eat

how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs

One of my favorite foods is the humble egg. Eggs are packed full of healthy nutrients that fill you up with vitamins and proteins. They can even help you to lose weight. In fact, a study showed that eating a healthy egg breakfast every day for eight weeks will lower your BMI (body mass index). […]

Coffee vs Espresso: Which One Should You Choose?

Coffee Vs Espresso

Coffee, AKA liquid gold, is a beloved morning beverage devoted to waking us up for the day. Strong coffee lovers may choose espresso as their ideal beverage, while lighter-roast coffee lovers choose a more mild brand mixed with cream and sweeteners. In the end, what are the differences between coffee and espresso, and why should […]

Types of Coffee: A Complete List and Their Caffeine Differences

Types of Coffee

Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the products we’ve discussed in this article, we may receive a small commission. Ah, coffee. It’s one of the most distinctive scents in the world, one of the most consumed beverages, and it’s usually the first thing that goes into our mouths […]

The Best Way to Make Coffee and Espresso at Home

The Best Way to Make Coffee at Home

There’s something special about grabbing a morning cup of joe on the way to work. Unfortunately, this can be pretty expensive without you even realizing it. Why not consider making your own at home? It’s easy and can be just as delicious, while saving the $6 per latte each day. With the right equipment, you […]

[Top 3] Best Coffee Beans for Putting Some Pep in Your Step

Best Coffee Beans

Grinding your coffee grounds from whole beans is the tastiest way to ensure a fabulous cup of coffee. With all the coffee beans out there, how are you supposed to know which beans are the best? We happily tested numerous brands to find the best coffee beans of that you can grind up and brew […]

[Top 3] Best Coffee Beans for Espresso in 2021

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Even the world’s best espresso machine won’t give you the cup of coffee you’re looking for unless you get the best beans to match. The good thing is, you can get great beans for every taste and from all over the world delivered to your doorstep. We tested and (happily) tasted a variety of quality […]

5 Benefits of Gratitude: Science-Backed Guide to Happy, Healthy Homes

The world is a glorious and incredible place. Our lives can distract us from this crucial fact, but every so often, we find ourselves staring at a sunset a second longer, or being in awe of a stunning mountain top. These moments, along with the ones we share with our loved ones, fill us with […]