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Hi! My name is Mike. A few years ago, we wondered whether I’d be around long enough to take pictures like this one. 

In my 20s, I started having severe food allergies — the kind that can be fatal. Fortunately, and somewhat mysteriously, my health improved in my 30s. I got married and had a child. A couple of years after our daughter was born, however, my symptoms returned. My wife and I researched everything meticulously and tried everything the doctors suggested. Still, I got worse. Each time my throat started to close, we called the paramedics. No one could tell us why I was getting worse. We were desperate. I worried about my health and how it might impact my family. 

Then one night while we were on vacation, after the paramedics rushed me to the hospital yet again, my wife posted my symptoms in a Facebook group about children’s health issues. We were already very active in several food allergy groups. They’d proven only marginally useful, so posting in parenting group seemed unlikely to help. However, as if guided by a guardian angel, someone replied with ideas we’d never considered before. That person started us on a new journey — one that got us asking different questions. Questions that led us to understand health from a whole new perspective. 

What we learned isn’t complicated or “out there.” Rather, we learned what Hippocrates meant when he said “Let food be thy medicine.” From food allergies to sensitivities, to learning that what’s healthy for one person might not be healthy for another, and better understanding the mind/body connection — THIS is what changed everything. It opened our minds to a new way of thinking. And it was just the first step in the process.

We realized that “health” goes far beyond what we ingest. It’s really about every aspect of how we live a healthy, fruitful life.

It’s a whole-life approach to living.

Our mission is to help families have
a happy, healthy home

We have since learned a new way to live. We eat differently than we used to. We parent differently than so-called “mainstream” parents. We have learned healthier, but still practical, ways to live a full life. This blog is our way of sharing what we’ve learned. We want YOU to have a happy, healthy home life, too.  

I go by the pseudonym “The Husband” on this site to remind myself of how blessed I truly am; how much I have to live for. Every part of this journey has been a gift.

How We create content

We’ve learned to research everything and assume nothing. That’s why we write many of our articles ourselves, and whenever possible, we recommend only products, recipes, and tips that we’ve used directly. Further, we thoroughly review what our freelance writers send to us before we share it with you. 

We want this site to be a place you can trust. 

Mike and Sarah Cooking

What's In it for You?

The world is full of wonderful conveniences, but not all of them help people in the long run. Some of the conveniences are healthy, but many aren’t. Many are expensive. And many don’t do the planet any favors. But who has time to research everything? 

We do a lot of the research to lighten your load. With that research, you get these things from us:

  • Ideas for healthy food that’s quick and easy to prepare
  • Helpful ways to be productive so you can spend more time connecting with your family and managing your home life 
  • Parenting suggestions that are practical and effective
  • A promise that we’ll always try to do our best for you, for your health and family, and for the planet.


I look forward to sharing what we’ve learned about cooking and parenting with you. Make sure to connect with us on Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to join our easy green living club. 

Mike Allen

Co-Founder and Editor at The Healthy Treehouse



I’m Sarah, and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m an internationally published writer, positive parenting educator, and the founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting. I find my joy exploring the world with my family, reading stories with my daughter on my lap, and (as you might’ve guessed) writing. I’d love to hear where you find your joy--and what we can do to help you find more of it!