All the Kitchen Essentials You Need: Just for $500

kitchen essentials

With so many kitchen products available on the market, it’s unsurprisingly easy to be overwhelmed. Then, there’s the buyer’s dilemma; we either think: In such cases, a well-thought-out guide is imperative in helping you make great choices when purchasing products. This particular buying guide goes beyond the marketing gimmicks and recommends relatively cheap products that […]

Best Electric Frying Pan for 2021

best electric frying pan

Thinking about taking your cooking out to the patio for the summer months, or traveling with a portable skillet? Electric frypans might be the right product for you. To find the best electric frying pan, we tested and approved numerous models based on the following parameters: Quality of Materials Temperature Range Versatility Value for Money […]

[Top 3] Extra-Large Pressure Cookers With Exact Sizes and 2021 Reviews

Large Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are appliances that cook food under a sealed lid with very high-pressure steam. Cooking this way speeds up many slow-cooked dishes, which is why it is a preferred cooking method of many foodies. Buying a large pressure cooker can be daunting, so THT has rigorously tested and approved [3] models based on the […]

[Top 3] Best Pressure Canners in 2021

best pressure canners

Have you always wanted to get into canning but don’t know how to start? Canning is an amazing skill to have when preserving all kinds of food, from jellies to pickles. THT wanted to test and approve the top [3] best pressure canners on the market today, so that’s exactly what we did! We evaluated […]

[Top 3] Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers of 2021

best Cuisinart coffee maker

Wasting tons of money at the coffee drive-thru is routine for all of us. Sometimes one large specialty coffee drink can cost upwards of $8. Why not make quality coffee at home using one of the best Cuisinart coffee makers out there? To determine the best coffee brewing machines of from Cuisinart, we must put […]

Best Cappuccino Maker: [Top 3] Machines You’ll Love Using at Home

best cappuccino maker

Tired of spending money on 6-dollar cappuccinos every day? Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a barista but haven’t found the time to learn. To help cut down on coffee spending, we wanted to find the best cappuccino maker in , from fully automatic to professional-style manual machines. The parameters we set for the top […]

[Top 3] Best Thermal Coffee Makers in 2021

Best Thermal Coffee Maker

Does your family have several people who enjoy coffee but have extremely different schedules? The best way to get everybody a nice, hot cup of coffee every morning without having to brew several pots is with a thermal coffee machine. We’ve gathered the top options available today to give you our opinion on the best […]

[Top 3] Best Budget Espresso Machines of 2021

Best Budget Espresso Machine

Coffee-lovers know nothing beats a well-made espresso. You can easily make the tastiest espresso from home, as long as you have the right equipment, and it won’t break the bank. We set out on a mission to determine the best affordable espresso machine, to which we set the following parameters for successful espresso machines: Quality […]

[Top 3] Best Grind and Brew Coffee Makers of 2021

best grind and brew coffee maker

Coffee drinkers have tons of gadgets in their kitchens, including whole bean coffee grinders and coffee makers. Did you know there are coffee machines that grind beans for you, too? We set out on a mission to taste test the best grind and brew coffee maker, to which we set the following parameters for successful […]