Is At-Home Sous Vide Cooking Healthy?

Is At-Home Sous Vide Cooking Healthy

Think of the most perfectly cooked steak you have ever had in your life. Now, realize that the steak was likely cooked using the sous vide method. Sous vide cooking is a French cooking technique that entails gently heating food in a temperature-controlled water bath, in which the food is air-tight inside a vacuum-sealed bag […]

19 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are nature’s best health elixir. The best part about smoothies is how much nutrition is packed into one tasty drink, allowing you to enjoy getting your vitamins and minerals for the day. The same smoothie recipe every day can get boring, however. You want to be excited to drink your morning smoothie, which is […]

5 Healthy Christmas Treats for Gifts That You Can Do With Your Kids

Healthy Christmas Treats for Gifts

Homemade gifts come from the heart; someone took their time to make something for you with their own hands. Little hands particularly like to get creative, especially if there is a mess involved!  This year for Christmas gifts, show your loved ones how much you care with these 5 healthy Christmas treats for gifts. The […]

6 Gluten-Free Christmas Recipes

Gluten-Free Christmas Recipes Roundup

The holiday season is a series of food-based festivities, with carb-heavy menus typically full of empty calories and gluten, which us health-conscious people try to avoid. I personally gave up gluten a long time ago due to health reasons, and have never missed it thus far. I do this by fueling my body with healthy, […]

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes for the Whole Family

gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving is without a doubt a carb-heavy holiday. which can be complicated for those with gluten sensitivities. Items such as stuffing, pumpkin pie, dinner rolls, apple pie, green bean casserole, cheesecake, and turkey gravy all traditionally contain gluten from wheat flour. I gave up gluten long ago for health reasons, and yet I continue to […]

12 Easy Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

12 easy juicing recipes featured

Losing weight can be a challenging endeavor that feels like an impossible challenge. We all know that regular exercise and a well-rounded diet are the keys to success, but remaining consistent is hard. Juicing is a relatively new method that can help accelerate weight loss, if you drink the right ones, and will delight your […]

14 Natural Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss You Will Love

Protein Shake for Weight Loss

Protein can boost metabolism, reduce hunger, and take the edge off cravings, helping you gain muscle mass or lose weight. This explains why protein shake recipes for weight loss are such a beloved nourishment option when it comes to achieving health goals. Often, you will even find a protein shake and smoothie bar right inside […]

Is Oatmeal Good for You? What Three Experts Say

Is Oatmeal Good for You?

I live on oats. After I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, I started eating large quantities of oats every day. This got me wondering whether oatmeal is good for you. The short answer is that yes, oatmeal is good for you. But, not all oats are created equal. In this article, we delve into […]

Super Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

healthy foods

If you’ve got kids, you’ll understand when I say that one of the biggest challenges is making sure they’re eating healthy foods every day. My daughter would eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if she could!  Truthfully, though, eating healthy is not just for kids. It’s for all of us. I know this from […]