[Top 3] Best Smoothie Container in 2024 – You’re Good To-Go!

Smoothies are a nutritious breakfast option to start your day right, but what is the best smoothie container when you want to take your healthy creation to-go?

While there are many good options, we narrowed it down to [3] containers.

We thoroughly researched a broad range of options that claimed to be the best smoothie containers in 2024, and discovered it comes down to:

  • Quality of materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to use
  • Value for money

Smoothies are a necessity when it comes to getting all the essential nutrients your body needs in a day.

You will first need a high-powered blender to first blend your fruits, veggies, and ice cubes for your smoothies and your protein shakes.

Once your perfect blend is created, you may want to take your drink with you to work or the gym but will need a reliable mug for transport.

Our research has found the BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle to be the best smoothie container on the market in 2024.

We realize, however, that every consumer has different needs, so we created a top [3] list of smoothie containers that are worthy of your consideration.

  1. BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker BottleTop-Rated Smoothie Container
  2. Corkcicle Triple Insulated Travel MugBest Premium Smoothie Container
  3. Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker BottleBest Budget-Friendly Smoothie Container

What Is the Best Bottle for Smoothies?

The best possible bottle for your on-the-go smoothies is the BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle.

BlenderBottle has positioned itself as one of the leading smoothie bottle makers on the market currently.

You may see smoothie containers referred to as a tumbler, shaker bottle, protein shaker, water bottle, or smoothie jars. 

Can You Store Smoothies in Plastic Bottles?

Yes, however, the healthiest option is to choose a BPA-free plastic for your smoothies.

BPA-free plastic just ensures you are drinking out of a bottle that will not leak harmful chemicals into your drink, and most drinkable containers today are BPA-free.

I like stainless steel smoothie cups, personally.

How Do I Keep My Smoothie Cold All Day?

The best way to keep your smoothie cold all day is with an insulated travel cup

When testing, our favorite smoothie to-go cup with insulation was the Corkcicle Classic Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug.

Smoothie travel cups with insulation were found to keep your drink at the perfect temperature all day long, and the Corkcicle brand comes with many options and shapes to fit your personal needs.

How Do You Transport a Homemade Smoothie?

A great way to ensure your smoothie stays at the right temperature during your commute is to store your freezable drinking jars in the freezer overnight.

Once you make your morning smoothie, remove your smoothie cup from the freezer and add your blend.

This method will keep your smoothie frosty for hours without having an insulated bottle.

Bring your frosty smoothie cup to the gym, to work, or on errands and you will have a perfect drink all day long.

Things to Look For in Smoothie Bottles

Every smoothie bottle should come with an easy-to-sip lid on top, to ensure the smoothie does not make a mess of your car or desk.

You may also see water bottles come with a straw for simple sipping.

Smoothie cups should also come with anti-slip holding grooves or material on the sides to avoid spillage.

Be sure the material is BPA-free plastic or stainless steel for the safest drinking.

Smoothie Container

What Factors Drove Our Ratings?

We decided on our selections by using several factors to determine the best smoothie cup across various categories, which included:

  • Quality of Materials – Testers focused on protein shakers and smoothie cups that were only made of quality BPA free plastic or anti-rust stainless steel.
  • Easy to Clean – You are less likely to use a to-go smoothie cup if it is difficult to wash after, so all bottles must rinse clean with ease.
  • Comfortable to Use – Each cup must be comfortable to hold and sip without spillage.
  • Value for Money – Tumblers can get expensive, but we want to make sure your hard-earned dollars are going towards a blender bottle that is worth it.

User reviews were also a large part of our research, to ensure verified users were happy with their purchases, and to compare our findings with the reviews.

Here at The Healthy Treehouse, we value quality over quantity. If we felt that the cost was greater than the value of what the appliance included, that model would be excluded from the list.

Smoothie Container

Product Reviews

Best Smoothie Container – Top-Rated Smoothie Container

BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle

Customer Rating


  • 28-ounce shaker bottle
  • To-go lid with wide mouth
  • Stainless steel wire shaker


  • Leak-proof seal
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • SpoutGuard

The brand synonymous with smoothie transportation is BlenderBottle, and the best model we found for smoothies was the BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle.

We absolutely loved that this bottle comes with a shaker whisk, so you can mix your smoothies on-the-go, in case the drink separates.

Simply shake the leak-proof lid design, and your smoothie is velvety again in seconds.

The secure flip cap keeps germs at bay with SpoutGuard technology, and also includes a wide cap for carrying.

The Classic V2’s wide mouth allows for easily adding protein powders or other ingredients right into the drink.

For drinking on-the-run, this spill-proof tumbler fits inside your car cup holders.

Quality of Materials

This tumbler is made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty.

Easy to Clean

We found this shaker design to be top-rack dishwasher safe, however, it also easily rinses clean in soapy water.

Comfortable to Use

While the BlenderBottle is big, we still found it to be easily held and drank from with control, even with small hands.

Value for Money

While the BlenderBottle is a well-known name, they are sold for a very affordable price. All budgets can fit this shaker into their allowance.

User Reviews

Christa (verified purchase) had this to say upon receiving her BlenderBottle, “I’m happy with this bottle so far. It was packaged nicely upon arrival and it mixed my shake well. The lid snaps very tightly and so far seems to be leakproof. I really like the many color choices. I’m very happy with my BlenderBottle purchase and the price was great too.”

Why You Should Buy This Product

If you love taking your smoothie recipes with you to work or the gym, this bottle is your answer. 

The lids are leak proof and fit perfectly in the holder in your car or on a treadmill.

Best Smoothie Container – Best Premium Smoothie Container

Corkcicle Classic Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Customer Rating


  • 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler cup
  • Shatter-proof lid


  • Triple-insulated tumbler that keeps drinks cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours
  • Leak-resistant and shatterproof lid
  • Easy-grip tumbler design

If you want your smoothie to stay cold all day long, look for further than the Corkcicle Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug.

With triple insulation, this mug is the best for keeping temperatures on point!

The sleek, modern design of this bottle keeps your drinks stylish while you are on-the-go.

Our testers found that this steel cup keeps a liquid cold for up to 9 hours!

This vacuum insulated tumbler will also keep hot items warm for up to 3 hours, perfect for soups or coffee during colder months.

The easy-grip tumbler design allows you to grab and drink without the drink slipping out of your hand.

The lid is leak-resistant and also shatterproof, without many nooks and crannies to keep clean.

Quality of Materials

The tumbler cup is made of high-quality stainless steel, while the lid is made of shatter-proof material that is crystal clear.

Easy to Clean

Once the lid is removed, testers found this water bottle to be very easy to clean. The lid has removable parts to easily clean after use.

Comfortable to Use

All sides of the tumbler cup are anti-slip and are comfortable to hold no matter your hand size.

Value for Money

This tumbler is vacuum-insulated and fancy, and we believe it is worth the price tag, despite being our more expensive cup option.

User Reviews

Amelia (verified purchase) said this about the Corkcicle brand, “This is the third Corkcicle I’ve bought for our household since everyone keeps asking for one. They are the perfect size for smaller hands. Keeps coffee hot for about five hours, cold, icy drinks stay cold almost all day long.”

Why You Should Buy This Product

When testing, we were so shocked at how well this cup keeps drinks cold

Even when keeping ice water inside a Corkcicle, the ice lasts all day long!

Best Smoothie Container – Best Budget-Friendly Smoothie Container

Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle

Customer Rating


  • Plastic tumbler cup
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Weighted shaker


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rounded bottom
  • Carrying handle
  • Weighted shaker
  • Leakproof lid

If you love color options and affordable prices, this Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle is your ideal travel cup.

The smoothie cup design features a rounded bottom along with a weighted shaker ball to mix your smoothies anywhere.

We loved that this bottle design has a carrying handle lid, and fits inside most cup holders for easy traveling.

Leakproof lids ensure a mess-free experience when drinking your delicious drinks.

The lid and body are both dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after use.

Track your calories and nutrients easier with the measurement markings on the side of the shaker bottle.

Quality of Materials

This bottle is made of BPA free plastic and does not feel cheap when holding it. We found it to be sturdy for the price.

Easy to Clean

Both the lid and body were found to be top-rack dishwasher safe, but all sediment was cleaned off with some simple soap and water.

Comfortable to Use

The bottle has comfortable grips, which allows an anti-slip effect. The lid was found to be very easy and enjoyable to sip from.

Value for Money

This is the most affordable option that we have reviewed, and we know it will work for any budget.

User Reviews

Alex (verified purchase) said this about his awesome purchase, “My favorite thing about this cup is the rounded bottom. It is the best design I’ve seen for a shaker bottle because usually my protein powder gets stuck around the bottom corners, but not with this one! I usually just throw it in the dishwasher after I’m done using it. Also, this bottle has never leaked on me.

Why You Should Buy This Product

If you are a smoothie lover on a serious budget, this blender cup is perfect for you because it is so cheap.

Protein shake lovers will also love this product because the weighted shaker mixes up protein powder in seconds!

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Smoothie Container

Take It To-Go

To-go smoothie cups are a major commodity if you drink your smoothies on-the-run.

The best way to bring your homemade drink with you is with a tumbler and anti-spill lid.

Insulated smoothie bottles allow your icy drinks to stay nice and cold all day long and preserve the quality of your blended drink.

After much testing and research, we found the BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle to be the best travel cup for protein shakes and smoothies.

Its unparalleled legacy in smoothie transportation is well-known, and we found that to be for good reason.

The next time you need to bring your morning shake with you, remember that there are tons of sleek options to drink your healthy smoothie from and make your coworkers jealous!

Recommended products

Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle


BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle



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