7 Fun, Simple Family Exercise Ideas to Get Everyone Moving

family exercise

When my daughter was born, our exercise was simply walking around the neighborhood as a family. Not the best, but it was a start! We then took her for long walks through the hills in a baby carrier, but as she got older we noticed she was a bit of a homebody. She loves reading, […]

Best Kids’ Mountain Bikes 2020 Guide: Tips for Before You Go

best kids mountain bikes

What are the best kids’ mountain bikes when your kiddo isn’t quite ready for the full-sized version yet? Kids often want their bikes to look cool, meaning they want it to look like their parents’ bikes or what they see older kids riding, and this often means they want it to look like a mountain […]

Best Kids’ Scooters 2020 Guide and Safety Tips

best kid scooters

The best kid scooters are the ones that promote good, healthy fun for children of all ages. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to get out and exercise (and get a break from the screens)! Are you wondering whether or not you should get a scooter for your child? There are a few things to […]

Best Toddler Bikes 2020 Guide and Teaching Tips

Best Toddler Bikes

Where do toddlers get all of their energy? That’s a question we as parents often find hard to answer. What we can do is help them use that energy in fun and active ways — and what’s better than riding a bike? Learning to ride a bike offers a great opportunity for youngsters to have […]

5 Best Toddler Scooters of 2020

best toddlers scooters

Scooters are good, healthy fun for kids — especially toddlers. Although a two-wheeled scooter might be too difficult for young riders, a three-wheeled model works wonders for them! I’ll take you through some important points to consider when buying a scooter for your little one. These were our favorite scooters for toddlers: Micro Kickboard Mini […]

The 5 Best Toddler Backpacks of 2020: Utility and Style Guide

Best Toddle Backpack

Is your youngster headed off to daycare or preschool? Finding the best toddler backpack can feel daunting. All you need is one backpack that your kid will like, their friends will like, you will like, and your wallet will like.   Fear not — we’ve got you covered. The top-rated kids backpacks of 2020 are: […]