[Top 3] Best Commercial Coffee Makers in 2024

Best Commercial Coffee Maker

Everyone’s needs are different, and some of us need a commercial coffee machine to get us through the morning.

Large-capacity coffee makers are available for purchase, but how do you know which is the best model?

We went through each commercial coffee machine and tested the models thoroughly to determine which appliance is the best commercial coffee maker of 2024.

We based our parameters on:

  • Quality of taste
  • Temperature retention
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique features
  • Value for money

If you’re tired of replacing your coffee makers at the office every year or you’re just a big coffee drinker at home, a commercial coffee maker is a good option.

They’re faster and more durable, and people at work will be thanking you.

We wanted to offer you our tips on how to find a commercial coffee maker to suit your needs, as well as review the best models out on the market today.

Here are our picks for the best large capacity coffee makers on the market today:

  1. BUNN Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer—Best for Large Offices
  2. Keurig K155 Office Pro—Best for Small Offices
  3. Hamilton Beach Commercial Coffee Urn—Best for Events

Picking the Best Commercial Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a pot for the office or an event, no simple drip-coffee maker will do.

The specifics depend on what you’re looking for.

Single-Serve or Large Pot?

Single-serve coffeemakers are ideal for smaller offices.

However, they may not be the right option for larger venues.

Pods and capsules may turn out to be expensive in the long run, and preparing on-demand beverages constantly can get tiring.

A large pot, on the other hand, is ideal for situations when you have many drinkers and the coffee constantly gets refilled.

However, leaving a pot with coffee for longer periods may turn it bitter and may even get burned.

This is why they’re not an ideal purchase for smaller workplaces.

Water Tank

With many coffee drinkers, you’ll need a large water tank to avoid having to fill it up constantly or have the ability to connect it directly to the water outlet.

In a smaller office, a large water reservoir may be a problem.

If the water doesn’t get emptied and refreshed frequently, it can even grow mold.

Keep your office coffee machines clean, people!


For commercial use, you’ll need a coffee maker that’s fast and efficient but easy enough for anybody to use.

Models that are intuitive and don’t require a manual are a safe bet.

How Does a Commercial Coffee Maker Work?

Numerous options work in differing ways:

  • Commercial drip coffee maker: The BUNN model we included in our review works much like your home drip coffee makers, except that it’s faster, thanks to its reservoir that always keeps water at optimal temperature. These kinds of machines also tend to be sturdier and more heavy-duty.
  • Pod machines: Our featured Keurig brews coffee from a plastic pod that works much like a normal coffee filter. There’s no measuring, you can brew a single cup on-demand and cleanup is easy.
  • Coffee urns: This type of coffee maker, like the Hamilton Beach model, is excellent for events, as it’s made for both preparing and serving large groups. You simply fill the tank with water, add coffee to a filter basket, and the internal brewing mechanism takes care of the rest.
Best Commercial Coffee Maker

What Is the Best Coffee Maker for a Small Office?

A small office may not need much more than a couple of cups of coffee a day, so an on-demand machine like the Keurig K155 Office Pro is a good option to have.

Still, it’s sturdy enough to produce 48 cups of coffee in an hour, so it’s able to handle a small to medium company’s coffee needs.

Learn more about this machine in this video.

What Is the Best Commercial Coffee Maker?

The BUNN Pourover Coffee Brewer is the best commercial coffee maker, as it’s the easiest to use and most versatile.

If you need one for an event, the Hamilton Beach Commercial Coffee Urn is definitely the way to go.

How Much Does a Commercial Coffee Maker Cost?

You should prepare to pay a bit more than for a home coffee maker, but a commercial coffee maker doesn’t have to be a huge investment.

You should be able to find a quality model, like the ones we reviewed here, for a couple of hundred dollars.

However, if you’re looking for a coffee shop-type espresso maker, prepare to pay anything from several hundred to over $1,000.

What Factors Drove Our Ratings

  • Quality of TasteEach coffee commercial machine has to produce a glorious cup of strongly brewed coffee on a large scale.
  • Temperature RetentionHow hot is the coffee when it is dispensed, and how warm does it stay in the pot?
  • Easy to CleanTaking apart a commercial coffee machine can be daunting, so each machine must be easy to clean after use.
  • Unique Features – Each commercial coffee machine has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the group.
  • Value for MoneyYour money is preciously hard-earned, and you should only spend it on large-capacity coffee makers that are worth it.

User reviews were also a large part of our research, to ensure verified buyers were happy with their purchases, and to compare our findings with the reviews.

Here at The Healthy Treehouse, we value quality over quantity. If we felt that the cost was greater than the value of what the appliance included, that model would be excluded from the list.

Best Commercial Coffee Maker

Top Commercial Coffee Makers Reviewed

Top-Rated Best Commercial Coffee Maker—Best for Large Offices

BUNN Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

Customer Rating


  • 1 pour-over coffee brewer with warmer (decanter not included)


  • 1600-watts motor that can brew 3.8 gallon or 14.4 liters of coffee per hour
  • Keeps coffee perfectly hot for up to 2 hours without scalding or losing flavor
  • SplashGard funnel that deflects hot liquids away from the hand
  • Easy to clean
  • An all-stainless construction that guarantees durability

BUNN coffee makers are just about the top quality you can get in heavy-duty coffee brewing.

This BUNN Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is a traditional drip coffee maker that’s great for a bigger office and is built to last.

The sturdiness is thanks to its internal components being stainless steel, and the machine has a brushed stainless steel exterior.

It stores hot water in a reservoir, which is why it’s able to brew a pot of coffee in three minutes.

Not only that, but it can brew up to 3.8 gallons in an hour, so nobody at the office will be left out.

The shatter-resistant, quality BUNN pots won’t cost you much extra.

Overall this coffee maker will likely last your office for years and years.

Quality of Taste

This coffee maker made a superior cup of joe. It was strong, well-balanced, and not bitter at all.

Temperature Retention

We found this machine to keep coffee hot for up to 2 hours without flavor loss or scalding.

Easy to Clean

This is a large machine, so all it takes is a simple wipe down and to hand-wash the carafe.

Unique Features

Brewing 3.8 gallons of coffee in an hour is one impressive feat, so that puts this coffee machine above the rest.

Value for Money

Commercial coffee makers are larger and unfortunately more expensive than a regular home coffee maker. Despite this, the BUNN is well priced for all the money your coworkers will save on coffee every single day.

User Reviews

Page (verified customer) commented in April 2018: “This thing is an absolute tank that will last forever! Another bonus is how quick it makes a pot, very critical in the morning.

Why Buy This Product

If you need to turn out lots of coffee in a short amount of time, this is the perfect coffee pot.

Above all other commercial coffee machines, this one makes the tastiest brew and the highest yield.

Top-Rated Best Commercial Coffee Maker—Best for Small Offices

Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

Customer Rating


  • 1 single-serve coffee maker


  • Full color LCD touchscreen
  • 90 ounce water reservoir (make upto 18 cups before refilling)
  • Four brew sizes (4 ounce, 6 ounce, 8 ounce or 10 ounce)
  • Brew strength options: strong to milder brewed beverages
  • Easily drain and remove water from the internal hot water tank for transport and storage
  • Brew time: Less than a minute

For smaller offices and fans of a seriously easy cup of coffee, try this sleek Keurig K155 Office Pro model from Keurig.

The removable drip tray and drainable 90-ounce water tank make cleaning up and storage easy.

This machine also has programmable settings for automatic shut-off, so you can save energy when it’s not in use.

One amazing thing about this Keurig model is its versatility.

You can brew many kinds of coffee or tea among the over 500 K-cup options.

The stylish design looks really great inside any office with personalized drinks at the ready.

Quality of Taste

Keurig consistently delivers great-tasting coffee, with this one surpassing any other single-serve models. This one is done brewing in less than 1 minute.

Temperature Retention

When your coffee first comes out, it is HOT! Since it is a single-serve coffee maker, there is not a warmer plate or thermal carafe to keep the coffee hot for longer.

Easy to Clean

Taking apart your Keurig is super simple. When necessary, take apart the removable features and give them a quick rinse. The out portion wipes clean with ease.

Unique Features

The 90-oz. reservoir can make a lot of coffee, with 4 sizes to choose from for your custom brew.

Value for Money

This one is a little pricier, which reflects in the design and quality of the product. It is a must-have single-serve coffee maker.

User Reviews

Tyler (verified purchase) said in January 2019: “This has got to be one of the best coffee makers out on the market. It brews coffee in under 20 seconds after you press the desired cup that you want.

Why Buy This Product

If you want to provide coffee for clients or multiple coworkers, this is the perfect maker.

K-cups are super customizable and everyone can have their own perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute.

Top-Rated Best Commercial Coffee Maker—Best for Events

Hamilton Beach Commercial Coffee Urn

Customer Rating


  • 1 commercial coffee urn with cup trip handle


  • Can make 60 cups of coffee in 30 minutes
  • Warmer that allows your coffee to stay warm for the rest of the day without scalding or losing its flavor
  • Sleek design
  • Polished stainless steel exterior
  • One-hand dispensing due to its cup trip handle

If you’re planning events, take note of this Hamilton Beach Commercial Coffee Urn.

It looks sleek and makes brewing and serving coffee for large groups a breeze.

This model has a handy one-hand operation and a convenient water window so you can see exactly how much coffee you have left.

Also, the lid and brew basket are dishwasher-safe, and the stainless steel exterior is easy to shine and keep presentable.

It has a 60-cup capacity, which means it takes a bit longer to make a full pot.

But, after about 30 minutes, you’ll have a full urn of coffee that stays warm for the rest of the day.

Quality of Taste

The taste of this coffee was supreme, and it stayed hot and fresh for 5 hours after brewing!

Temperature Retention

If you want your coffee to stay hot all day in this maker, it will. No flavor loss or scalding taste was detected, which was a huge deal!

Easy to Clean

A quick wipe down is all this machine needs. With a dishwasher-safe brew basket, clean up in a breeze.

Unique Features

The temperature retention and yield of coffee you get from this machine are superior, especially for large gatherings and events that last more than a few hours.

Value for Money

This 60-cup coffee machine is the most affordable machine on our list, which is surprising due to its awesome features.

User Reviews

Shanice (verified purchase) commented in February 2020: “So worth the price if you have big gatherings. This is a massive pot. But it brews strong and very hot coffee. Takes about 35–45 minutes to brew pot but worth the wait!

Why Buy This Product

Event venues and planners should buy this machine right now!

Any large gathering deserves to have hot and fresh coffee all day long.

Other Helpful Information

If you’re looking for a coffee maker for a restaurant or hotel, this Wilbur Curtis G3 Airpot Brewer could also be interesting.

For a bit smaller of a coffee urn, check out this West Bend 58030 aluminum model for 30 cups.

If you love coffee but are unsure of what beans are healthy and ethically sourced, check out our favorite coffee beans.

For stronger coffee without the fuss, these are some of the best cappuccino makers and the best dual coffee makers for your home.

You can even buy espresso machines on a budget!

Here are the top three espresso machines on a budget to renew your love for homemade coffee drinks.

Best Commercial Coffee Maker

The Top Coffee Maker for Your Business

Sometimes its hard to get up in the morning before your commute.

You can find comfort in knowing there is a nice, hot cup of coffee waiting for you at the office.

After reviewing the models available, we concluded that the BUNN Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is the best commercial coffee maker you can buy.

It’s great for bigger offices but is also adaptable for homes, especially big households that consume a lot of coffee.

This machine brews at one of the fastest speeds on the market, and the best thing is that it’ll last you many years.

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