The 5 Best Toddler Backpacks of 2020: Utility and Style Guide

Best Toddle Backpack

Is your youngster headed off to daycare or preschool? Finding the best toddler backpack can feel daunting. All you need is one backpack that your kid will like, their friends will like, you will like, and your wallet will like.   Fear not — we’ve got you covered. The top-rated kids backpacks of 2020 are: […]

Best Ring Slings 2020 Guide and Child Development Benefits

Best Ring Slings

The best ring slings help you connect through touch with your baby or toddler, while allowing you to keep your hands free. They’re a wonderful tool to help you do what you need to do while keeping your little one close. Many parents swear by their ring slings! There are lots of choices on the […]

Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread: 1 Great Recipe for the Whole Family!

Zucchini Muffins

If you’ve read about my pumpkin spice muffins, you’ll know I’m all about gluten-free and healthy recipes that taste like their non-healthy versions. I won’t skimp on flavor just to get in some health points; I want to enjoy what I’m eating. So, I decided to expand my healthy muffin recipes and create gluten-free zucchini bread, […]

Japanese Yam Chips: Healthy Alternative to French Fries!

Alternative to french fries

Sometimes even the healthiest of eaters miss the things they used to eat before they cleaned up their diets. That’s true for us, anyway. Both my husband and daughter react negatively to good old fashioned potatoes. You heard that right. No mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving; no French fries or potato chips. So, we’ve cleaned up […]

Homemade Almond Butter: Delicious and Versatile!

Homemade Almond Butter

Awhile back, seeing that my kiddo loves almond butter like some kids enjoy candy, I ordered a whole bunch of it. Although I was happy about its relative health benefits and versatility compared to many other “treats,” I wasn’t entirely keen on the added ingredients, the (oftentimes) plastic packaging, and the cost. So, I decided […]

Healthy Instant Pot Stew: Carrot Ginger Stew with Lentils

Half the people in our city are sick this week. Half. No good, I say! We like feeling healthy and strong, thank you very much. I have no time to be down with a cold or flu. So, to the extent that I can, I’m giving my body every tool imaginable to keep it working […]

The Best Healthy Pancakes

Best Healthy Pancakes

My husband is traveling in Europe this week for work, so it’s ladies’ week here at the house. We’ve been trying to do at least one “special thing” every day during his absence. With tonight as his last night away, I wanted to top off our week with the Most Coveted Meal in the History […]