The Spa Treatment Recipe

The Spa Treatment Recipe

An excellent juice can be as refreshing, nourishing, and rejuvenating as hitting the spa to get a treatment. Fortunately, that’s the exact and entire purpose of The Spa Treatment Recipe. The use of cucumber in this drink instills the mineral silica into your system, thereby moisturizing your skin while strengthening your epidermis. On the other […]

Mega Detox Recipe

juicing recipes for weight loss

Introducing the King of All Detoxes – The Mega Detox Recipe! If you’re an avid reader of our website, you’re most likely aware of how many detox juices we’ve already tackled. While all of them are great, effective, and helpful, this one is the father or the king of them all. The combination of beets, […]

The Heart Beet Recipe

The Heart Beet Recipe

We have a lot of juices that are focused on cleansing your liver, but The Heart Beet Recipe is a magic blend that’s focused entirely on your cardiovascular system, especially on your heart. The carrots that are featured here serve the exact same purpose – helping you lower your cholesterol levels and reducing any risk […]

The Firefighter Recipe

The firefighter Recipe

Ready to face your battles just like a firefighter?  Overcome your daily challenges with The Firefighter Recipe!  The jalapeño pepper that’s featured in this recipe has been known to be a great stimulant. Along with other chili peppers, they stimulate our blood circulation and raise our body temperature. But, here’s an interesting fact. When we […]

Feeling Fresh Recipe

Feeling Fresh Recipe

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning feeling not quite yourself? Perhaps, it’s your lazy day today or you just don’t have that energy to get up and get things going. Either way, whenever you feel such, this Feeling Fresh Recipe will be your ultimate remedy. Not to mention that it’ll also help […]

All About the Roots Cleanse Recipe

All About the Roots Cleanse

Feeling lethargic or sluggish recently?  The All About the Roots Cleanse Recipe is all you need! With just 3 ingredients, it’s most likely one of the best minimalistic recipes out there as it can yield tremendous results in the long run. The fame and power of this recipe lies in its function as diuretics – […]

The Complete Clean Juice Recipe

The Complete Clean Juice

The Complete Clean Juice Recipe is a classic and one of the most ideal juices for cleansing.  One of the most salient benefits of going on a juice diet is the cleansing or detoxing aspect of the entire experience. A great juice cleanse can reboot your system and make you feel entirely refreshed and energized.  […]

The Chill Pill Recipe

The Chill Pill Recipe

Can’t control your anger lately? Relax and chill with The Chill Pill Recipe! No pun intended, though. During periods of anger and/or stress, our blood pressure rises. And if that becomes recurring, it can lead to heart disease. While it can be extremely challenging to control these events, we can perhaps control our blood pressure […]

The American Blitz Recipe

The American Blitz

As the name speaks for itself, this American Blitz Recipe is one of the most popular and tastiest beverages for weight loss in the U.S. Thanks to the fat-burning capabilities of lemon that’s mixed with the nourishing contribution of cucumber which helps you burn off some calories while working on your skin radiance. Top that […]

The Expressway Recipe

The Expressway

The Expressway Recipe is all you need to fast-track your weight loss journey! If you’re an avid reader of our website, you’re probably aware already that apples are home to many fat-burning benefits. But, did you know that they’re also a potent natural laxative?  Indeed! And the best part is, their laxative properties are known […]